About Us

Who are We?

Kluwer Arbitration Blog (KAB) is a publication of Kluwer Law International providing information and news on international arbitration. We have gathered together leading experts from law firms, arbitration institutions, and academia to report on the latest developments. They in turn have enlisted professional colleagues of diverse backgrounds to offer both established and new voices into the mix. The result is a fresh, high-quality, and timely examination of the world of international arbitration.

What Is Our Focus?

We are a new kind of media. Our focus is traditional — the significant awards, the latest developments, the upcoming events — but our format is new. The result is a serious, high-quality, professional blog about international arbitration presented in a timely, fresh way.

What is Your Role?

Of course we welcome you as a faithful reader, but we also welcome your comments. The blog format provides an opportunity for everyone to participate, but comments must respect our Editorial Policy. We also will be inviting guest bloggers to contribute from time to time.

How Do You Contact Us?

Our goal is to be as responsive as possible to our readers.

If you have a substantive question, please contact our editors.

For general questions, contact us Vincent Verschoor.

For advertising enquires, contact us here.

If you have a technical question please contact us here.