Kluwer Arbitration Blog Wins CPR Award

Kluwer Arbitration Blog
January 19, 2012

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On behalf of the many contributors to this blog and the good folks at Kluwer Law International, I am pleased to announce that this blog has won CPR’s 2011 award for best electronic media focused on ADR. The press release is here.

As most of you know, the CPR Institute is a nonprofit think tank and alliance of global corporations, law firms, scholars, and public institutions dedicated to the principles of commercial conflict prevention and alternative dispute resolution. The “Best Electronic Media Award” is presented annually to “a company, group, or individual that has produced exceptional electronic media that was focused on the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution.”

CPR presented the award at a wonderful dinner in New York last week as evidenced by the photo.

(Tali Finkelstein (left), Roger Alford (center), and Leslie Alford (right))

Without sounding cliché, the award recognizes the outstanding work of all of our permanent and guest contributors, and the tireless support from Kluwer Law International (with a special shout out to KLI superstars Gwen de Vries, Eleanor Taylor, Vincent Verschoor, and Raymond Blijd).

Others CPR winners include:
ADR Center in Italy for Outstanding Practical Achievement;
Roselle Wissler for Outstanding Professional Article;
Stacie Strong for Outstanding Short Article;
Michael Diamond and Nate Mealey for Outstanding Student Articles;
Douglas Noll for Outstanding Book.

Congrats to all!