Thirty years ago, as a young Italian law graduate who had recently moved to The Netherlands, I applied for a job in the arbitration department of the T.M.C. Asser Institute in The Hague. I did not know much about arbitration then, but I did know enough to be impressed by being interviewed by Professor Sanders, arbitration’s founding father.

I did not get the job eventually, but I was surprised a few days later to receive a call at home from you. In the world I came from, famed law professors did not call young people at home, and I was little more than a student, living in aRotterdamattic. You told me that a young lawyer who helped you with your ICCA publications work was himself in need of an assistant. A short time later, I was sitting face to face with that young lawyer – Albert Jan van den Berg – and the work of my lifetime had begun. I have been working on the Yearbook Commercial Arbitration since then, and have been involved in all other ICCA activities. Many things have changed in my life, but the Yearbook, and ICCA, and the friends I have made there, remain.

I am deeply grateful to you for having called me that day: thirty years have passed, and I still love my job, every moment of it.

Silvia Borelli, managing editor ICCA Publications


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