Time Sensitive

Over the next two weeks, two surveys will be gathering input from dispute resolution professionals on the challenge of enforcing settlement agreements across borders.

The surveys are intended to provide empirical data to aid the decision making process for the proposed UNCITRAL convention on the international enforcement of settlements reached in mediation.

IMI Survey of Corporate Needs

The first survey is just four questions, and is from the International Mediation Institute. It is focused on the level of corporate demand for such a convention.

The results of the IMI survey will be discussed and developed further at the October 29, 2014 convention in London on Shaping International Dispute Resolution.

University of Missouri Survey of Dispute Stakeholders

The second is somewhat more comprehensive, and is from the University of Missouri. The Missouri survey is aimed at gathering information about enforcement difficulties from all stakeholders.

The Missouri survey covers a variety of issues that may be of interest to the international community.

Your Input Requested

Readers of this blog are encouraged to provide their input to the surveys.

In order to respond to either, you do not need to have previously participated in an international commercial mediation or conciliation.


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