There are some interesting comments in the live blog of the UNCTAD International Investment Agreements Conference from the likes of Todd Weiler, Susan Franck, and Jason Yackee. (You can also watch the proceedings here). Much substance in the coverage, but also some fun. Here’s a taste:

Todd Weiler:

As I see Prof Franck is performing the live blog function, I will take the guerrilla blogger role…. Guerrillas strike and retreat. They don’t stand and defend (at least not with this kind of word count limit!).

Todd Weiler:

One of the minor ways in which it might be said that China is still a developing country can be seen in men’s washrooms… It reeks of the surreptitious adventures of desperate smokers.

Lisa Blomgren Bingham:

The important observation is how investment dispute systems need to provide for public participation and transparency given the important public policy issues at stake.

Jason Yackee:

But nobody actually wants to watch ICSID proceedings. They are boring.

Jason Yackee:

African “VIP” next to me is falling asleep. Is that a sign of something meaningful?


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