Jerome Martin, Senior Associate at law firm Clyde & Co talks to Dubai Eye’s Business Breakfast radio show about Dispute Resolution in Saudi Arabia. I am posting this note and the link to listen to the podcast in full the for the benefit of our readers.

“What chances you have if it all goes wrong and what companies are moving and looking to do business there.

Jerome goes on to discuss the following in more detail:

* There are a number of reasons as to why Dubai based companies should be thinking about Dispute Resolution

o The kingdom is engaged in unprecedented amounts of spending and presents a lot of opportunities for companies to benefit. They need to understand what their legal position would be if they end up in a dispute.

o There appears to have been a complete lack of consideration as to how a dispute would be handled, what their rights and entitlements would be and what sort of protections they could have been built in at the contract negotiation stage.

* Are there specific concerns when taking your business into Saudi Arabia that don’t exist elsewhere?

* How transparent is the Dispute Resolution in Saudi Arabia?

* With concerns over the ability to advance claims against the government and that a lot of the business awards are coming from the government, is it a question of understanding the legal system and being able to put it to use better?

* Why you cant go into arbitration with the government?

* The type of things should companies be putting into their contracts before agreeing to deals etc

* Is it a problem when English court cases/contracts are translated into Arabic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

* What are the most common types of Dispute Resolution in the Kingdom? What are the difficulties of sorting them out and enforcing those judgments?

* Are international contracts applicable in Saudi Arabia or are there specific Terms and Conditions which do not travel very well in Saudi Arabia?

* Judges do not have to come from a legal background, does that cause issues in being able to predict outcomes in court cases?”

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