Following the success of this widely-read blog, Kluwer are thrilled to announce to the launch of Kluwer Mediation Blog. In addition to posts from its distinguished Editors, Nadja Alexander and Bill Marsh, you can also enjoy comment and opinion from its team of regular contributors from across Europe, North and South America, Australasia and Africa. Monthly bloggers include: Jeffrey Krivis, First Mediation Corporation; Joel Lee, National University of Singapore; Diane Levin, Diane Levin LLC; Geoff Sharp, Sharp Commercial Mediation; and Machtel Pel, Pel Mediation.

We are delighted that Ales Zalar, the Slovenian Minister of Justice, was able to launch Kluwer Mediation Blog with a thought-provoking post considering whether mediation is a new mode of governance. In his words:

“Every good politician must have a dream, a vision. However, the future is not so much something to predict as it is something to choose. Now it is the time to choose mediation”.

To read more of the Justice Minister’s post or for more information on the blog visit Kluwer Mediation Blog (

Importantly, it is free to access, just like this blog. Just enter your email address on the homepage, click ‘Submit’ and you will receive each post direct to your inbox, as they are published.

“One of the great satisfactions and challenges of the mediation field is its variety. Talk to anyone involved and it won’t be long before differing views emerge, particularly on the ‘how to’ questions – mediation techniques and interventions, ‘what to do when X happens’. But also on countless other issues – ethics, training, regulation, what clients really want, what role the courts should play, multi-party mediation challenges, what does mediation confidentiality really mean, and so on. The list is endless”, said Bill Marsh, Editor.

Hopefully we have your whetted your appetite. Now come and take a look!

Eleanor Taylor, Kluwer Law International


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