Recently the “most serious” survey dedicated to All Fools’ Day 2013 has been conducted in Ukraine. Profiles of 333 partners of 100 best law firms were carefully analyzed by the researchers with the only aim to find the answer to the question “How do lawyers smile?”

The results are incredible. Only 34% of partners of the best law firms faintly smile and only 12% smile widely. The remaining 54% of partners are extremely serious, or it is really hard to call their faces smiling. The average rate is not bad if comparing to saddest practices which are family law (only 28% of all smiles and no single wide smile), civil law (30%) and criminal law (31%).

The researcher also revealed that female partners of law firms are smiling more often than their male colleagues: namely 16% more. At the same time, female partners are smiling widely almost 2 times more often than male partners.

As for the smiles of managing partners in general (both female and male), it was found that managing partners smile more rarely than other partners: 41% vs. 48%. However, there is an interesting regularity: managing partners mostly have a wide smile or do not smile at all, while “regular” partners are more likely to have a faint smile.

The copy of the research paper is available here and may be downloaded from here. The results of the survey are presented in funny info graphics.


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  1. As they meet, they have wry smile,
    Like a snake it may produce,
    For they saved that as a file,
    That template them so induce.

    With the shaky, sweaty hands,
    When they sign the greedy bills,
    They may grin with low pretence
    As if had purgative pills.

    Partners smile when they go shit
    On the heads of the colleagues,
    Afterwards with them they sit,
    Nothing’s personal as if.

    The associates may smile
    When they partners’ shit absorb,
    But at night they quietly cry,
    Turning into shit at most.

    Paralegals like the dudes,
    They sincerely still smile
    For they have enormous booze
    being followed by that file.

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