This post is just a quick reminder about the European Parliament survey of arbitration practitioners that is currently undertaken by a team at the Brunel Center for the Study of Arbitration and Cross-Border Investment, led by Tony Cole. The survey is available at this link.

The study concerns both the legal instruments developed in relation to arbitration (in all its forms) in each Member State and Switzerland and the actual practice of arbitration in those States. For general information about the study, please see our previous post available here, consult our website or contact Tony Cole (, the Principal Investigator on the study.

Although we have had a pleasing number of participants in the survey, we would like to encourage you to complete the survey by midnight, May 5th to help us provide the European Parliament with the most accurate data regarding arbitration in your State. Having in mind that the survey is not only of arbitration practitioners in the European Union and Switzerland, you are welcome to take part in the survey even if you are located outside Europe but if you practice arbitration in any European Union Member State and Switzerland.

While we realise that taking a survey is no-one’s highest priority, your contribution is significant because it will affect the outcome of the study and determine the accuracy of the findings that we will submit to the European Parliament. The picture of the field of arbitration that we present to the Parliament will depend on who completes the survey – and if our respondents are over-representative of any particular group (whether in terms of experience, nationality, role in arbitration, etc.), that is the picture of the field that the Parliament will receive.

Similarly, the picture that the Parliament receives of arbitration in each State will be determined by who fills in the survey – the more participants we have from a State, and the more informed those participants are (hence our invitation to readers of the Kluwer Arbitration Blog), the more accurate the description we give to the Parliament of arbitration in that State will be.

We would like to emphasise that all answers provided will be kept confidential. No information will be provided to the European Parliament or any third party on the answers given by any individual. The European Parliament will receive only a list of names of those who have taken the survey, and will also keep this list confidential.

We would appreciate if you could set aside a small piece of time by midnight, Monday 5th and help us complete this important study for the world of European arbitration. The survey takes only approximately 30 minutes to complete. Moreover, if work obligations currently make it impossible for you to complete the survey, you can merely answer the first couple of questions on the survey. You will then be in our database, and we can remind you to complete the survey before it closes.

If you are willing to share your experience please follow the link to the survey.

Thank you very much for your help with the study. We also wish to thank all of those who have already completed the survey. Your contributions are sincerely appreciated.


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