From mediation legislation developments in the Ukraine to the contribution of mediation and mediators in these times of uncertainty and opportunity, over the past month the posts on the Kluwer Mediation Blog have addressed a wonderful assortment of topics.

In Putting Away Childish Things, John Sturrock considers the loss of civility which appears commonplace nowadays, particularly in the political arena, and identifies the infinite potential of mediation in problem-solving in a complicated and uncertain world.

In Upheaval And Resilience: A Note From The Shaky Isles, Ian Macduff directs our attention to what might constructively emerge from the many recent social and political upheavals, drawing on the qualities and opportunities of mediation to do so.

In Who Should Be Promoting Mediation and Why? Mediation in Germany: The Poor Cousin to the Courts, Greg Bond calls for a promotion of mediation for what it is, namely a way to work though conflict that, due to the intrinsic quality of the mediation process and the quality of the results, makes sense – even if the courts work well.

In Mediation in Water Disputes – One More Drop, Rafal Morek outlines the World Bank’s recommendation that India and Pakistan use mediation to determine how the Indus Water Treaty should be used to resolve issues over two dams under construction along the Indus river system.

In Will Ukraine Have A Draft Law On Mediation in 2017,Tatiana Kyselova and Maryna Omelynska consider the draft law on mediation which was recently approved, on its first reading, by the Parliament of the Ukraine.

In Reasons to Mediate, Constantin-Adi Gavrila explores how the very reasons to mediate can, for some, be reasons not to mediate.

In Mediation and Change, Sabine Walsh explores our capacity for change and considers the role of mediation and mediators in helping to facilitate change.

In Dutch Mediation Bill: Pushing the River? Martin Brink outlines some key features of the Dutch mediation market and examines the new bill to promote mediation in The Netherlands.

Many more topics have been considered on the Kluwer Mediation Blog. Why not take a look …


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