The last month of 2016 offered a compelling collection of posts on the Kluwer Mediation Blog, from the third-party funding of dispute resolution to the value and difficulty of forgiveness. For those of you looking for a New Year’s resolution, you’ll find inspiration in the posts by Greg Bond and John Sturrock (links to which can be found at the end of this digest).

The December posts opened with the first of a two-part article by Geoff Sharp which considers the development of third-party funding of litigation, arbitration and mediation. In Part 2, Geoff Sharp and Bill Marsh will compare notes on how third-party funding impacts the mediation process.

Sabine Walsh and Margaret Bouchier explore recent research conducted by the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland on skills and behaviours in workplace mediation. Margaret Bouchier, one of the researchers, sets out the highlights of the research process, its findings and their implications for the field.

In “Peacing Things Together”, Joel Lee explores definitions and components of peace and considers the contribution which can be made by mediators in waging peace.

Rasim Gjoka, Merita Bala and Constantin-Adi Gavrila consider the use of voting in a multi-stakeholder mediation for example as a way of reaching settlement or to overcome deadlock.

Drawing on two recent research projects, Charlie Irvine identifies the commonality between mediators and qualitative researchers and examines how a background in mediation can offer excellent preparation for conducting empirical research.

In Greg Bond’s evocative Christmas Eve post, Greg draws on a number of examples, including mediating a conflict between students supporting different sides of the Syrian war, to capture the value, and difficulty, of forgiveness.

And, to close the year, John Sturrock inspires us to engage in deliberate acts of kindness and invites us to consider how, as mediators, we might be more thoughtful and kinder in our engagement with others.

In the earlier months of 2016 many more topics were considered on the Kluwer Mediation Blog; why not take a look… Wishing all of our readers a happy and healthy 2017.


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