We are happy to report that the latest issue of the ASA Bulletin is now available and includes the following articles and cases:



Felix DASSER, Of Lighthouses and Rocks

In his first message as ASA President, Felix DASSER points out the challenges and opportunities ASA faces during his term and sets priorities.


Catherine A. KUNZ, Revision of Arbitral Awards in Switzerland: An Extraordinary Tool or Simply a Popular Chimera? A Review of Decisions Rendered by the Swiss Supreme Court on Revision Requests over the Period 2009-2019

Catherine A. Kunz presents an overview of the decisions rendered by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court on revision requests over the period 2009-2019.


Bernhard BERGER, Die Schweiz als Schiedsort für Investitionsstreitigkeiten – Erkenntnisse aus der neueren Rechtsprechung des Bundesgerichts – Teil I

Bernhard BERGER explores the case law of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court on the setting aside of investment treaty awards, with a particular focus on the limited grounds of annulment available.


Marco Stacher, Jurisdiction and Admissibility under Swiss Arbitration Law – the Relevance of the Distinction and a New Hope

Marco STACHER critically assesses the case law of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court as to whether it properly draws the line between jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional issues.


Hans-Ueli VOGT, Patrick SCHMIDT, Schiedsklauseln in Vereinsstatuten. Bemerkungen zum Bundesgerichtsurteil 5A_1027/2018 vom 22. Juli 2019 und zur Revision des 12. Kapitels des IPRG und des Aktienrechts – Teil I

This article addresses the validity and binding effect of arbitration clauses contained in the articles of an association or a stock corporation by reference to the decision of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court of 22 July 2019 (5A_1027/2018).




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