According to arbitration historian Derek Roebuck, what practice was widely used during the reign of her majesty Queen Elizabeth I to avoid the involvement of the Crown in disputes?


  1. “Arbitrage”, a practice in many ways similar to modern arbitration, and which had its roots in the Norman conquest.
  2. “Dunking”, a means of encouraging litigants to settle their disputes while being lifted in and out of water, often a lake or stream.
  3. “Loveday,” in which “love” was a form of resolution and “day” meant the beginning of the process.

This was one of the questions asked at the first ever live Kluwer Arbitration Blog Quiz. And if you are scratching your head for the answer, fear not, the Arbitration Station captured the event and all the answers.

Here is a teaser:



You can download the complete episode on your podcast app or listen to it on the Arbitration Station website.

Wolters Kluwer hosted the public event, where a new interface for Kluwer Arbitration was launched to enable easy navigation and empower legal professionals to maximize their productivity and supercharge their search.

The quiz participants pitted Saadia Bhatty, Annette Magnusson, and Baiju Vasani against each other and members of the audience, guided by hosts Crina Baltag and Michael McIlwrath, and with the indefatigable Abhinav Bhushan as judge and scorekeeper. Audience members competed for prizes, and the winning panelist, Baiju Vasani, had books donated by Kluwer in his name to the VIS Moot Alumni Association for the promotion of equal access to the study of international trade law and arbitration.

The Kluwer Arbitration Quiz Live will return soon to an arbitration venue near you!


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